Man Sticks A Firework Underneath A Frozen Lake And The Result Is Unexpected

When you're bored, you'll figure out almost any way to break the monotony. This dude had a firework laying around and decided to try something interesting. It's for science!

The Setup

The SetupYouTube: Nils Bremer

Nils Bremer lives in Sweden, a country known for very cold winters. It can get a little dreary and monotonous in the cold, and one day he got an idea. What would happen if he cracked some ice and sent an explosive into the middle of the lake? There was only one way to find out!

Prepare For Launch

Prepare For LaunchYouTube: Nils Bremer

Bremer took the handle of a broom and smashed at the ice until he created a hole just large enough for the firework. With that done, all that was left was to light the fuse and hope! Timing is key, and missing the hole would be a disaster.

On Its Way

On Its WayYouTube: Nils Bremer

With the fuse lit, Bremer stuck the explosive in the hole and waited. He turned his face away in case the firework refused to propel itself forward. As the fuse hit the explosives, the projectile zoomed into the middle of the lake, leaving an impressive wake behind.

Here Comes The Boom

Here Comes The BoomYouTube: Nils Bremer

The result was more impressive than Bremer expected. He wasn't even certain that the firework would detonate underwater, but it even cracked the ice! This might not be something you want to try at home, but now you don't have to. Thanks to Bremer's boredom, now you know what happens to fireworks under the ice! 

Watch the video!


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