The 8 Things That Set Entrepreneurs Apart

Hint: They take their failures and use them to get ahead.

There's not just one method that'll bring you success, but these eight things are definitely an integral part of any entrepreneur's skillset.

There's not just one method that'll bring you success, but these eight things are definitely an integral part of any entrepreneur's skillset.Branislava Zivic

1. They never fail to take action. 
Successful people are out in the world making moves faster than it takes you to get out of bed. When they fail, they fail fast, but they learn by actually doing things. Their mistakes help them achieve a better future. Moral of the story? While it's vital that you have a plan, it can be easy to stay in the planning phase forever. You need to start doing and living in order to learn and grow. 

2. They never quit after the first try.
Most first attempts don't work out, and most people aren't an overnight success. Chances are, you'll fail multiple times before you reach the point that you're aiming for. J.K. Rowling had her first Harry Potter book rejected multiple times, but look where she is now. You have to be persistent if you want to succeed. 

3. They don't think they know everything.
You should have an opinion, but it's not the end of the world if you don't have everything completely figured out. People who have the desire to succeed are curious and realize there's no way they can know all things, ever. 

4. They don't lie to themselves. 
Successful people are honest with themselves. They know what needs to happen to get "there," and they know if they're actually working hard enough to make progress toward their goal. Rationalizing why they haven't made progress is a kiss of death that they make sure to avoid at all costs. 

5. They never fail to learn from their mistakes.
When you make a mistake you can get upset and give up, or you can see your mistake for what it truly is: a wealth of information. When your project tanks, sit down and figure out why that happened. Every time you rebuild, you're one step closer to a stronger version of yourself. 

6. They never try to do it all themselves.
They can't succeed completely on their own because nobody is talented in every area of life. They know they need other creative and smart people in their space to be able to move ahead. Collaboration and humility are keys to success. 

7. They don't use the word "impossible."
The reason most people don't achieve much success is because they don't believe, deep down, that it's possible for them. But it is. It is possible for you. The only thing standing in your way is your own mindset and attitude. 

8. They never stop growing.
Successful people are constantly changing and looking for areas in their life that need improvement. There's always a new skill to learn or person to meet. The only way you can improve is if you push yourself each and every day. 

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