Husband Can't Remember Who His Wife And Daughters Are For Nearly A Decade

A loving veteran husband got in a terrible car wreck that saved his marriage.

Bob and Gloria Farley

Bob and Gloria FarleyYouTube: OWN

Bob and Gloria Farley have been happily married for 45 years. The two share a union that is not unusual, but what is unique is how their love had to be rekindled after one horrid day.

Blind date

Blind dateYouTube: OWN

According to Bob, the two met on a blind date and he immediately knew Gloria was a keeper. He knew for a long time this was the woman he wanted to marry.

Serving in the war

Serving in the warYouTube: OWN

Before they could get married, Bob went over to serve in the Vietnam War. He never lost touch with Gloria, though, and it was obvious that he never fell out of love with her either.


P.L.M.F.YouTube: OWN

Gloria kept all of his love letters. He signed every letter he wrote with "P.L.M.F," which meant "Please love me forever." Gloria did just that.

The wedding

The weddingYouTube: OWN

After all the letters and the long wait for Bob to come back home from the war, the two married and began their life together. As time passed, life took its course for better or for worse.

Life goes on

Life goes onYouTube: OWN

The Farleys had two wonderful daughters. Bob became a training officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, while Gloria became a nurse. As often happens when time passes, they got lost in their jobs and didn't put as much effort into being a family. If things continued to progress like this, divorce could have been on the horizon. But then one day something dramatic turned their world upside down.

The accident

The accidentYouTube: OWN

Bob got into a car accident that left his body and his mind in a terrible state. Gloria happened to be a trauma nurse, so she understood all too well the severity of the accident. Bob had broken all of his ribs, which punctured his heart and both of his lungs. He was in a coma on life support for over a month.

A family in progress

A family in progressYouTube: OWN

Bob and Gloria's children both came rushing into the hospital the day their dad awoke from the coma. When he saw his daughter he couldn't recognize her. When he saw his wife, he only knew that she was his favorite nurse at the hospital.

Bob comes home

Bob comes homeYouTube: OWN

Although their future together had been uncertain beforehand, the accident really made them fight to rekindle their love. Gloria was reminded of her husband's big heart. She saw it in his eyes and in his soul as he fought every day to remember who his family was. 

Together forever

Together foreverYouTube: OWN

It took Bob about 10 years to recover most of his memory. During that time the Farleys got the chance to fall in love with each another all over again. Even when things seemed too hard and the couple had moments that they just wanted to give up, their hearts were set on the betterment of the other and the good of the family. This tragic accident brought them even closer together than they ever could have imagined.

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