They Blindfolded Him And Told Him To Find His Mom, What He Did Next? Amazing!

In this experiment, these kids were blindfolded and told to find their mom. The results will shock you to the core!

A mother's touch

A mother's touchYouTube

Pandora Jewelry, no doubt in preparation for Mother's Day, has recently released a new video that contained a simple experiment. A group of children, aged three to nine, were blindfolded and tasked with picking their mom out of a line up.

The kids each took turns walking forward, their arms outstretched, in search of their mother. While they ran their hands over the other mothers' faces and hair, the true mom watched, often anxiously biting their lip, as their child crept closer and closer to them.

Watch the heartwarming video here:

In every single case, the kids were able to pick their moms out of the lineup with ease. They passed every other mom over in their search. One little girl had a simple test. She nuzzled her face into the older woman's. The first woman she did this to didn't have the reaction her mom usually had, so she figured this was not her mom, and moved on, shaking her head and laughing. When she finally got to her own mother and nuzzled against her, her mom nuzzled right back and that's when the little girl knows that she found the right one.

While the moms looked nervous, tender, or even downright teary-eyed, the kids clearly thought this was a tremendously fun game. They laugh as they walk up and down the rows of moms and they look so triumphant when they remove the blindfold and find out that they made the right choice.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, this is a great time to take a moment and appreciate your own mother. There is a special connection between mother and child that just can't be explained.

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