Firefighters Make A Cool-Headed Decision Saving Dog's Life In House Fire

These quick-thinking firefighters deserve a round of applause for their efforts.

Firefighters are heroes

Firefighters are heroesyoutube: CTV News

They put their lives at risk even when it may seem like a routine call.

A curveball

A curveballyoutube: CTV News

Sometimes life throws them something a little different, though, and they have to act accordingly. One night firefighters were answering a call to a small fire in an apartment in East Vancouver.

Rescuing a dog

Rescuing a dogyoutube: CTV News

While the firefighters were putting out the small flames, they ran in the building and found a dog struggling to make its way out, as all the windows and doors were shut.

Neighbors react

Neighbors reactyoutube: CTV News

These two young women got out of the building as it was filling with smoke. They said they saw the firefighters bring out a dog that wasn't moving.

The dog needed oxygen quickly

The dog needed oxygen quicklyyoutube: CTV News

The firefighters were prepared for anything with the materials they had, but they had to do a bit of tinkering to try to save this dog's life.

Quick thinking

Quick thinkingyoutube: CTV News

The pup was unconscious from smoke inhalation, so firefighters took an oxygen mask made for humans and fashioned it into a makeshift one that would fit its snout properly.

A makeshift oxygen mask restores bloodflow

A makeshift oxygen mask restores bloodflowyoutube: CTV News

The firefighters gave the dog some water, and this quick thinking allowed the pup to regain consciousness. The oxygen started flowing once again, clearing out his system, and the dog was soon on a quick path to recovery.

A satisfied chief

A satisfied chiefyoutube: CTV News

The fire chief applauded the efforts of his team and how they handled the tough situation. He explained that the team got air back in the dog's lungs to move the oxygen into the blood. Eventually the dog regained consciousness.

Getting the right equipment

Getting the right equipmentyoutube: CTV News

Some other nearby fire departments have equipment specially designed to give oxygen to animals and pets in situations like this. This department has the equipment but has not yet had the training to learn to use it properly.

The dog walks away

The dog walks awayyoutube: CTV News

All is well with this big pooch now. The dog's owners arrived as the firefighters were reviving him. It turns out this fire was caused by a candle left burning while the residents were out. They're sure to not make another mistake like this again.

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