You Won't Believe What This Guy's Girlfriend Found On His Skin

Nobody's skin is perfect--it's an unfortunate fact of life. That said, what this woman found on her boyfriend's skin is unbelievable.


Everyone deals with skin issues. It's a part of life. That having been said, some people deal with skin issues more than others, and the case you are about to see is pretty shocking. This woman found a blackhead so large on her boyfriend's skin that it was unbelievable even to her.

The science behind whiteheads and blackheads is pretty straightforward: certain pores on everyone's body are larger than others. These are called comedones, and the reason they are larger than other skin pores is hair follicles grow out of them. Because of the size of these pores, they can get filled with sebum and sloughed-off skin cells, and therefore they are much more susceptible to whiteheads and blackheads.

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This couple found this out firsthand, in a big way. She used her fingernails to burst this blackhead on his neck, and it was quite the spectacle. The first fact to note is how much she had to dig her nails into his skin, as the amount of pressure necessary to get at one of these blackheads growing out of comedones is much, much greater than what's necessary for your average pimple. But once she got her fingernails deep enough, the entire pore emptied its contents.

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A huge amount of thick fluid exited the blackhead--so much more than she could possibly have expected. In addition, because of the types of chemical reactions that occur in comedones, the fluid was very dark in color and very thick--much more so than what comes out of most skin blemishes.

While this is an extreme case, almost no one hasn't had to deal with unsightly skin issues at some point in their life. So don't feel bad about it!

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