Boy With No Fingers Walks Up To A Piano. Then, He Sits Down...

He was born without fingers on his hands, but he's never been limited by his disability. Watch what happens when he walks up to an old piano.

Alexey Romanov was born without hands.

Alexey Romanov was born without hands.Daily Mail

He has only one leg, and his life hasn't been easy. He was put up for adoption at an early age, and he only recently found a permanent home. He was adopted when he was 12, and he's now 14. Nevertheless, he's never seen himself as disadvantaged, and he's never let his handicap affect his abilities.

Still, nobody would have expected a boy with no hands to learn how to play piano. That's exactly what Romanov did.

Romanov says that he's always liked music.

Romanov says that he's always liked music.YouTube

He taught himself how to play the piano, using his wrists to delicately select each note. While he has prosthetic limbs, he doesn't use them when he's playing piano, preferring instead to feel the keys. In the video linked in this article, he plays "Bluebird," a classic instrumental piece that requires a subtle feel for the instrument. His playing is nearly perfect, and it's clear that he's spent plenty of time with his piano.

Romanov knows how to read music, and he's rapidly developing his experience as a performer. After a video of his piano skills went viral, he performed with the Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera.

This is an inspiring and beautiful video.

However, there is some bittersweet news. According to Romanov's adopted mother, the boy's prosthetic arms recently broke. As they are extremely expensive to replace, he's had to continue to use the broken prosthetics. The good news is that Romanov's new fame (and new income) might help.

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