This Family Loves Their Park So Much, They Decided To Create One In Their Yard. When You See It? Wow

Have you longed for your own green outdoor space, but thought it wasn't possible? Landscaping expert Jason Hodges will show you how to create a green oasis, even if you only have barren concrete to work with. Find out how.

Jason Hodges

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Jason Hodges is an expert landscape designer and television personality with Better Homes and Gardens Australia. He studied Landscape Horticulture and Construction and started his own landscaping company in 1990, which still maintains a very large operation in Sydney. He also appeared on multiple television shows about the subject of landscaping and design.

Landscaping small spaces

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Hodges understands that not everyone has the outdoor space available to create a huge, lush lawn, complete with gorgeous landscaping. Even with limited space, many people desire to have a comfy outdoor area of their own. Inspired by a local park, Hodges created a lovely grass day bed, perfect for lying outside and reading or a simple picnic outdoors. He even shows exactly how it's done in this handy how-to video.

How-to video

To start your outdoor oasis project, you'll need to create a wooden base platform, similar to a futon. Next, you'll need to create a planter box that will act as the head of the bed and provide a place for additional greenery and ornamentation. After the planter box is in place, you'll need to create a top frame for the soil and grass to sit in. Once the frame is in place, be sure to reinforce it well, so the weight of the soil doesn't weaken the joints. This is also a good time to sand the exterior edges of the frame to make it smooth to the touch and avoid potential splinters.

To finish preparations on the wood, you'll want to add a stain to ensure your creation is watertight. Before adding the soil, you'll want to put down a layer of geo fabric that will allow water to escape without washing away all the soil. After the fabric is in place, fill the bed with soil and top with sod. Now you have your very own outdoor oasis.

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