Don't Throw Away Any More K-Cups. Do This With Them Instead...

Using just some discarded k-cups and a few other household supplies, you can make the perfect spring craft decoration. Get all the details.


BackgroundThe Kim Six Fix

To start, cut a background piece from wood. You can use an old pallet, a single piece of wood, or anything else that fits well with your decor.


StainThe Kim Six Fix

Paint or stain the wood to fit with your design. A darker color will provide the best contrast.


AssemblyThe Kim Six Fix

If you used multiple slats, rather than a single piece of wood for the backing, assemble the wood using nails to hold everything together.


PaintThe Kim Six Fix

Now take your k-cups and coat them inside and outside with a pretty yellow spray paint.


PetalsThe Kim Six Fix

Create the petals for your flowers using a similar yellow construction paper or card stock.


ArrangeThe Kim Six Fix

Arrange the petals on the board to your satisfaction. Bend the petals a bit to increase the 3D feel of the design. Place the k-cups in the center of the petals.


LeavesThe Kim Six Fix

Create stems and leaves for the flowers using green card stock or vinyl and attach to the board securely.


GlueThe Kim Six Fix

Using hot glue, attach the petals and k-cups to the board over the stems.


MessageThe Kim Six Fix

If you want, leave some space at the top of your board to create a lovely spring message


CompleteThe Kim Six Fix

Now your project is complete, and you have a lovely spring piece to hang in your home.

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