10 No-Fuss, Cheap Ways To Completely Transform Your Kitchen

Feel like your kitchen could stand an update, but don't want to break the bank? These simple solutions are all you need to upgrade the most important room in the house. Even renters can use these tips!

Add or change lighting.

Add or change lighting.DIY Network

It may sound too good to be true, but even something as simple as switching up the lighting can make your kitchen look brand new. Adding a table lamp or new fixture is all you need to make the transformation.

Change drawer or shelf liners.

Change drawer or shelf liners.Mom 4 Real

This is a great way to change up your cabinets with very little effort on your part. As a bonus, you can finally clean out those dusty corners of your cabinets after you remove all of its contents.

Add a rug

Add a rugThe Sunny Side Up Blog

Rugs are a great way to improve your kitchen without any effort at all. Just lay it down and watch it instantly transform the room.

Replace the faucet

Replace the faucetAmazon

Replacing your faucet is surprisingly easy and even renters can do it. Some faucets can be a bit pricey, but the installation will be free, so think of it as an investment.

Update the hardware

Update the hardwareThe Design Grotto

You're not stuck with the same cabinet hardware forever. If the original knobs on your cabinets don't fit the look that you want, replace them with new ones for a small update that will change everything.

Add pullout drawers/drawer organizers

Add pullout drawers/drawer organizersLighthouse Shoppe

Whether you're struggling to find space for everything you need, or you just can't get organized, consider adding pull out shelves or drawer organizers to your kitchen.

Add more storage space with wire shelves.

Add more storage space with wire shelves.How To Nest For Less

Some kitchens come with less cabinet space than others. If finding a place for everything in the kitchen is giving you a major headache, solve the problem by adding in some wire shelves to help bear the load.

Get a great dish rack.

Get a great dish rack.Simple Human

If your dish rack can't stand up to the pressure, maybe it's time for something new. Get something large enough to suit your needs, but hardy enough to hold up over time.

Cover ugly counter tops.

Cover ugly counter tops.The Kitchn

Hate your counter tops, but don't have the money or time to replace them? Use a large cutting board to hide those unsightly counters from the world!

Swap out the switch plates.

Swap out the switch plates.Amazon

Nothing will give your kitchen a new face like a new switch plate. Swap out the old, dingy, white ones and replace them with something that gives your kitchen character. Stainless steel is the best for easy clean up.

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