13 Things To Never Buy At The Grocery Store

If you shop for everything at your local grocery store, you're probably overpaying. Here are 13 items that you should never buy at your grocer...and what to do instead.

1. Garlic salt and other seasoned salts.

1. Garlic salt and other seasoned salts.Ben Pruchnie / Getty Images News / Getty Images

You're basically paying the store big money to mix some salt in with some dried herbs. Make it at home, and you'll have the perfect amount for your next recipe. Plus, it will taste better.

2. Any vegetables or fruits that aren't in season.

2. Any vegetables or fruits that aren't in season.Carl Court / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Out-of-season produce costs more because it's driven to you from across the country. That's bad for the environment, and it's not even worth the extra money. You're probably not getting the freshest options available (those go to the people who actually live near the fruit), so you'll get bland, tasteless produce for your money.

3. Pre-cut vegetables.

3. Pre-cut vegetables.Dan Kitwood / Getty Images News / Getty Images

You're paying quite a bit to have someone else cut your vegetables for you. You can handle it; cutting your own produce will save you a tremendous amount of money. Plus, there's less of a chance of getting a food-borne illness.

4. Seasoned or marinated meat.

4. Seasoned or marinated meat.NOEL CELIS / AFP / Getty Images

Nothing's easier than marinating meat. Do it yourself, and you'll save a couple of bucks on each visit. Plus, you'll be able to tailor the flavor to your taste.

5. Detergents.

5. Detergents.Joe Raedle / Getty Images News / Getty Images

These are often much cheaper online. Remember, buy in bulk. It's not like you're ever going to stop washing your clothes (hopefully).

6. Shampoo.

6. Shampoo.TENGKU BAHAR / AFP / Getty Images

If it's not on sale, head to your local big box store. You'll likely find better deals. That is, provided you're willing to look through coupons and wait for a sale.

7. Birthday cakes.

7. Birthday cakes.Shaws

Sure, we know why you buy birthday cakes from the grocery store. It's fast, convenient, expensive, and ultimately unsatisfying. Next time, grab some mix and make your own cake at home.

8. Batteries.

8. Batteries.Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Ever notice that the store keeps the batteries right by the cash register? That's because they know that they're great impulse buys. They're usually marked up, so compare prices before you buy.

9. Chicken.

9. Chicken.ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

Well, specifically, cut-up chicken. Next time you're at the store, note the shocking price difference between whole chickens and cut-up chicken meat. Learn how to cut your own meat, and you'll be saving hundreds of dollars per year.

10. Bread.

10. Bread.Scott Olson / Getty Images News / Getty Images

A cheap bread machine or a stand mixer can give you fresh, delicious bread every day. It's not hard to learn how to make bread, and it's much, much cheaper than heading to the store for a loaf every few days. Be sure to measure your recipes with a scale instead of with measuring cups for the best possible results.

11. Bread crumbs.

11. Bread crumbs.JOEL SAGET / AFP / Getty Images

Okay, so you want to make some meatballs. Instead of running to the store for seasoned bread crumbs, make your own with (shocker) leftover bread. Bonus points if you're already making your own bread!

12. Liquor.

12. Liquor.Carl Court / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Yes, liquor is a bit overpriced, especially if you're not picky. Wholesale stores like Costco often carry liquor, and in many states, law forbids them from requiring memberships for purchase. If you need beer, wine, or liquor, visit your local wholesaler first.

13. Herbs and spices.

13. Herbs and spices.Alex Wong / Getty Images News / Getty Images

You can find most spices cheaper online. If you're especially industrious, you can grow your own. Fresh spices taste much better (especially when you're not spending $2-3 per package).

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