Here Are 10 Fast And EASY Hairdos That Will Change Your Life In 5 Minutes Or Less

Here are some super cute hairstyles that won't add tons of time to your morning routine. Whether you've got short hair, long hair, or something in between, you'll love them all!

1. The knotted pony.

1. The knotted pony.Life Hack

For a fun twist on a boring old pony tail. Pull your hair to the side and into two sections. Tie one or two square knots with your hair, then secure with a tie right below the knots.

2. Super-long double ponytail.

2. Super-long double ponytail.Life Hack

This extra long pony tail look is achieved with two tails. All you have to do is make one high up on your head and a second a few inches below, giving the illusion of extra hair!

3. Crisscross bun.

3. Crisscross bun.Life Hack

Make a bun, leaving the bottom half of your hair free. Section the remaining hair into two pieces. Pull each side across and pin underneath the bun.

4. Twisted bun.

4. Twisted bun.Life Hack

Make pigtails, then twist them into spirals. Twist those around each other, securing with bobby pins at the ends.

5. The tuck and cover.

5. The tuck and cover.Life Hack

Using a headband, place it so the front is slightly onto your forehead and the back is towards the bottom of your head. Slowly curl and tuck your hair into the back of the band. Once completed, carefully push the front into place.

6. Twisted bangs.

6. Twisted bangs.Life Hack

Separate your bangs into two pieces. Twist and pull back the top section, pinning it down. Then twist the bottom section, pulling it back and pinning it ABOVE the first.

7. Flip out.

7. Flip out.Life Hack

Using a straightener, flip out the bottom of your hair all across your head for a fun and funky look!

8. Pigtails, with no part.

8. Pigtails, with no part.Life Hack

Separate your hair at an angle across your head. Do not brush out two distinct sections; keep one overlapping the other. Then, simply tie into pigtails.

9. Half pinup.

9. Half pinup.Life Hack

Give the top of your hair a light teasing, then pull together to the middle of your head. Pin, then you're ready to go!

10. Low knot.

10. Low knot.Life Hack

Only using two sections of hair, keep them low and tie into a square knot. Tie a second one, then tuck the remaining hair under the ties.

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