About Us

A Brainboost is a tactical unit of bros looking out for each other, and this website is a refuge for all men looking to have a good laugh every single day. Brainboost's mission is to make it easier than ever for YOU to be that one person in the group finding viral stories before everyone else. We're looking out for your viral needs.

This website was created so men could find the perfect destination they can count on to deliver what's trending, who failed the hardest, and what makes us cringe so hard it's impossible not to show our friends. The best part about this website is we take "cool story, bro" as a compliment.

When the prank of the year happens, Brainboost will be there. When a woman puts builder's foam in her hair instead of mousse, Brainboost will be there. And last but not least, when you need that special gallery of beautiful women to brighten up your day - Brainboost will be there.